Rest and Rust

Its been a week. I have been on a holiday. And I have hated it. I enjoy lazing in front of the TV as much as the next person, but there’s been a certain staleness –

An artist is not an artist, if he’s not creating.

And I can feel my brain cells rubbing their hands and sharpening their teeth as they wait for new ideas, and thoughts and projects. And now finally work begins –

– On Madhava, the mathematician and Madhava, the god, a project where numbers and divinity will unite once again. If Sat was all gloomy, Madhava is certainly brighter. Peacock coloured sarees, strains of the veena, nimble feet, all tied up in gold. An ode to Vishnu.

But the dance eludes me as usual. Now I just wait for the layers to add up –



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